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The Love List (Week 351)

by - Friday, May 21, 2021

One of my latest pins. On a side note, have you used Pinterest lately? It seems full of ads and not what it used to be

Love the breezy feel of this cottage kitchen

The most adorable workout outfits I've seen. How cute are these shorts?

Speaking of getting fit, I'm trying the Noom app on a 14-day trial and I'm loving it. It suits my checklist, note-taking personality well. I'm finding it easier to form and maintain good habits. And I like the visual feedback and ease of use of the app. Have you tried Noom?

You won't believe what this kitchen looked like before!

Botanical backgrounds for your zoom calls

The prettiest tulip cake

I was recently on a call with my girlfriends. They commented on how good my skin and hair looked. I've been using this collagen creamer in my morning coffee and I think it's having a positive effect!

I'm totally picturing myself as Cameron Diaz in this Cotswold cottage

A surprising colour for a front entry

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