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ORC Week 7: Final Projects

by - Wednesday, June 16, 2021

This is it friends. It's Week 7 which means it's only one week until the One Room Challenge project reveals. We still have a few things to do but we've got most of our projects complete or underway.

With the city FINALLY opening up after lockdown, we were able to get to Home Depot and do our last curbside pickup and grab a few things in store. Let's see where things are at!

front garden makeover

I can't believe how much our plants are flourishing. Here's a peek at the Annabelle hydrangeas. They have filled out, are nice and strong and are displaying lots of blooms. I was concerned that the ones closest to our front door had too much shade but they're growing nicely too.

The bench got painted which was a quick and rewarding project. I used Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint And Primer in One in Satin White which sadly I won't recommend. The finish turned out fine but the two spray cans I used were a mess with paint dripping from out of the trigger and the spray head getting clogged often. 

front garden makeover

The bench looks good with the new outdoor rug which I'm giving you just a sneak peek at. Here's the trouble with buying things online: sometimes they don't look or feel exactly the way you were expecting them to. Such is the case with this outdoor rug. Is it the material I was expecting? No. Does it look like the way I wanted it to? Yes. Do I have the time or inclination to find something better? No. Was the price right? Yes. And so I find myself opting for a "good enough" solution for now. 

diy air conditioner fence

Building of the air conditioner fence is also underway. Can you understand Sean's sketch of design? This is a fairly simple project. It'll be made using fence post for the corners, frames made out of 2 x 4's, and fence boards hung vertically in between. The sketch at the bottom is a section of how the fence boards and frames will intersect.

Lastly, I've just picked up paint for the front door. I'm going with one of these colours. Can you guess which one?

front garden makeover

We have a storm door which unfortunately cuts out most of the light and reflection. It tends to make dark colours look even darker so I've picked something that is a bit more vibrant than I would usually go for.     

And here's one thing that won't get fixed...

front garden makeover

front garden makeover

If you recall, in Week 4 we had an unexpected accident where a city truck that was cutting the city-owned tree at the front of our house suddenly sprung a leak and sprayed hydraulic fluid across our porch, walkway, some of our plants, driveway, and side lawn.

Luckily, with some power washing and scrubbing we were able to get the oil out of our porch and walkway. The drive still looks a bit discoloured and some of our grass and contaminated soil definitely need to be replaced. 

But even though it was clearly the city's fault, it's a case of do we try and fix it ourselves and get reimbursed by the city, or go through the claims process and gather estimates to have the driveway cleaned and the grass replaced. It's probably easier and yet also more hassle to fix it ourselves. Fixing it would also mean we'd have to stick close to home (ie. not at the cottage) to tend and water any sod or grass seed we put it. Things like this are never easy, are they?

Join me back here next week to see the final garden reveal. Check out the One Room Challenge blog to see how other participants are doing.

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