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The 13 Best Paint By Numbers Kits for Adults for 2021

by - Monday, August 23, 2021

Channel your inner artist and have fun with adult paint-by-numbers kits, one of the hottest craft trends for 2021

Are you enjoying any new hobbies lately? It seems that many of us continue to spend our free time learning to bake, cook, garden, or paint. It's no surprise then that one of my most popular posts throughout the entire year is my Free Paint By Numbers Printable for Christmas post.

Paint by number kits were invented in the 1950's and continue to be a great way to relax and explore painting. In 2021, many adults have picked up the paint brushes for the first time to destress or have dived into this easy paint technique as a new hobby. It's fun, simple, and you end up with a satisfying finished product.

paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

Vintage paint by number art in Chloe's old bedroom

Paint by number art is often an inexpensive yet attractive way to decorate your home. You can often find vintage paint by numbers artwork in thrift or antique stores. I picked up this pair years ago for Chloe's toddler bedroom and just repainted the dated frames. But you don't have to go hunting at Goodwill to get this look. You can easily create your own artwork with the many paint by numbers kits for adults available on the market.

Paint By Numbers Kits

Looking for a new activity? Here's a few reasons why I think we should all embrace adult paint kits as the perfect quarantine craft:
  1. There are no painting skills required. You can be an absolute beginner with no painting experience, knowledge of painting techniques or brush strokes and still create a beautiful painting. The numbers template make it so easy that people of all ages can create an original painting. If you're an advanced artist, choose a craft kit with a higher level of difficulty.
  2. It's a budget friendly hobby. Of course you can use high-quality materials and professional paint brushes and paint but you can achieve good results with an inexpensive set of acrylic paints bought at a dollar store or craft stores. There are lots of great options to suit any artistic style and price point.
  3. Beneficial therapeutic effects. Let's face it... the last 18 months have taken a toll on our mental health. What better way to relax than to set up an easel in your living room, surrounded by vibrant acrylic paints, listening to a soothing Spotify playlist as you create a beautiful design. It's effective and enjoyable art therapy.
  4. There are no rules! This is not a work of fine art so why not have fun creating? Don't sweat it if you use the wrong color, paint outside the small areas, or take a lot of time to paint a seemingly simple number canvas. You'll achieve the best results if you enjoy the painting process.

Paint By Numbers for Adults - The Best Kits to Buy in 2021

Before you begin, gather a few tools. You need just a few key items to bring out your inner Vincent Van Gogh.
  • A paint by number painting kit
  • Paint colors suited to your painting. Most kits come with paint included but if yours doesn't, I like an acrylic paint set like this one which offers a good variety of mixable colors
  • Small and medium sized paint brushes
  • A well lit and clutter-free space to work in
  • A magnifying glass (optional) to better see the numbered sections

In this round up, I've included classic art pieces, contemporary designs, and soothing scenes but all with a modern edge. You'll find selections for beginners and more advanced artists, if you're up for a challenge!

Bird of Paradise

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021
Paint by numbers doesn't mean dated. This tropical illustration is gorgeous and modern with soothing contemporary colors. At 16"x24", this eye-catching piece comes with wooden hangers and would suit an entryway or bedroom.

Matisse Art

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

This particular Etsy shop contains a huge selection of paint by number kits. I especially the modern summer lifestyle designs and these Matisse inspired kits. Check it out if you're in search of contemporary art in vibrant colors.

Vintage Autumn Scene

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

If you're a fan of vintage art, you'll love this retro style paint by numbers. The autumn landscape scene features vibrant and crisp colours. This artwork would look great displayed in a kids room, family room, or paired with other vintage art pieces.

Classic Flower Arrangement

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

This Dutch style flower painting hardly looks like it came from a paint kit! The level of detail in this painting is challenging, making it more suitable for an intermediate or advanced painter. I'd display the finished work in a powder room, or on an easel on the bedside nightstand.

Ship Painting

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

Are you a fan of vintage ship paintings? Why not create your own with this kit? The canvas comes in three different sizes, with or without a frame.

Sun and Mountain Landscape

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

Modern art enthusiasts will enjoy creating this mountain scene. The kit comes with brushes, paint tray, paint, and hanging hardware!

Beach Buddies Scene

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

This lovely beach scene brings back those summer memories. The neutral tones would work well in an all-white room. The pre-numbered rolled canvas comes packaged with a reference picture showing how the finished painting should look. Numbered paint pots make following the numbered template easy.

Italian Landscape

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

This Tuscany landscape painting looks like something you might have picked up on your travels. The deep yellows and greens will bring vibrant color to your walls. This natural canvas comes stretched and attached to the frame. Your art is ready to hang and display.

Sunflowers Kit with Frame

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

This sunflowers kit includes everything the beginner artist needs. It features a textured linen canvas on a wooden frame, a set of acrylic paints, three paintbrushes, and a hanging kit for displaying your masterpiece in your home.

William Morris Tree of Life

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

Fans of traditional style will appreciate this paint by numbers kit featuring a classic William Morris design. With its intricate and numerous leaves, this painting will no doubt take several hours to complete but what a stunning finished piece it will be!

Vintage Pink Flamingo

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

That pink flamingo shown in the photo? You can paint your own with this kit which contains the paint brushes and paint pots, plus comes with the frame of your choice. This nostalgic design is simple and easy to complete. It would look lovely in a boho or retro space.

Monet Landscape

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

Transport yourself to the French countryside with this painted landscape. Based on the work of Monet, the short brush strokes and lush greenery will make this a challenging painting to complete.

Custom Paint By Number

best paint by numbers kits for adults 2021

For the ultimate personalized and original painting, have a paint by numbers template made from one of your photographs. This customized kit comes with a pre-printed framed canvas and up to 36 different paints. This would make a perfect gift or way to hold onto lasting memories.

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