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Easy Halloween At Home Ideas

by - Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Recently, I asked people on Instagram if they were going out trick or treating or celebrating Halloween at home. 60% said they would be staying home and that includes us. I'm not quite ready to greet kids at our door or have Chloe come home with bags of candy touched by dozens of strangers, know what I mean?

So social distancing and another Halloween At Home it is. Last year, we did a halloween scavenger hunt in our basement in the dark. We set up spooky lights, skeletons, spider webs, and even had a graveyard. It was a great way to celebrate the holiday with fun for the whole family.

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

Halloween At Home

Are you looking for halloween party ideas or just simple ideas to mark the holiday? Here's 9 great ideas for fun halloween activities to celebrate the spooky season at home.

1. Use-what-you-have costume contest

A fun way to get into the halloween spirit? Challenge your family to put together DIY halloween costumes using only household items and the clothing you have in your closets. You could ask everyone to come "dressed for dinner" in their getups. It's sure to encourage a lot of fun discussion around who should win for best halloween costumes.

2. Create a dessert buffet of halloween treats

Just because you're not trick or treating, doesn't mean you have to give up the sweets! That's the best part of the holiday, amirite?

And who doesn't love a dessert buffet. You could settle for your typical halloween candy, like candy corn and mini chocolate bars, or you can make things a bit more unique with a pumpkin smashcake, skull-shaped cookies, and mummy hot chocolate bombs.

halloween hot chocolate bomb, mummy hot chocolate bomb

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

Isn't this adorable?? These designer desserts are made by Sweet Lab Toronto run by my talented cousin Kristine. She's put together a box of edible cute ideas like the coffin sugar cookies and skeleton hand chocolate covered oreo. 

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

Much like a pinata, you smash the pumpkin (it's made of Callebaut belgian chocolate) to reveal all the goodies inside. I think they're a perfect way to end off halloween date night at home, or send as a gift to friends.

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

3. Pumpkin carving

It wouldn't be Halloween without this tradition. You can get all the family members involved with this activity. If the kids are too small, have them paint pumpkins instead of carving them. 

boo marquee pumpkin
mouse house pumpkin

You can also get creative with your pumpkins and use power tools instead of just your kitchen knife. I like the simplicity of the Boo marquee pumpkin but our mouse house pumpkin still stands as my all-time favourite. And of course, don't forget to save the pumpkin seeds to roast and have as a snack!

4. Outdoor halloween celebration

Love the fall weather? Why not take your halloween gathering outdoors. This is a fun way to make use of your firepit. Set out halloween themed treats like gooey smores, spiced apple cider, or hot chocolate with a shot of pumpkin spice flavouring. Enjoy the evening by candlelight, or by the light of your flickering carved pumpkins.

5. Classic halloween party games

It's easy to give classic games a spooky touch. Have the kids toss beanbags into a large plastic cauldron. Play 5 pin bowling with small gourds. You could even do a spin on that bridal shower-game favourite and do a "best mummy contest" using a roll of toilet paper.

Have you gone apple picking lately? Apple bobbing has a long history tied to Halloween and is a fun game for the whole family. Just set up a large pail of water and have the kids and adults try grabbing one with their teeth. 

6. Dance party

All you need for a halloween dance party at home are glow sticks and a spooky playlist. Feel free to dance with the lights off or enhance the mood by setting your smartlights set to orange.

7. Indoor scavenger hunt

Are the kids missing trick or treating? Give them a sense of that fun with a halloween scavenger hunt. Set up your outdoor halloween home decor inside the house to really create a fun time. Place the skeleton at the kitchen table and plastic spiders in their beds for spooky but not too spooky decor. Then arm the kids with flashlights and have them find the hidden candy around your home.

8. Scary movie night

Whether you like scary movies or spooky family fare, halloween is the perfect time to settle in with a big bowl of popcorn and frightful flicks. Hocus Pocus, Scream, The Sixth Sense, Hubie Halloween are just a few of our favourites. What's yours?

mummy mason jar

9. Make spooky crafts

My favourite halloween at home activity? Making crafts. Paper bats, tissue paper ghosts - there are a wealth of halloween craft ideas suitable for all ages. This mason jar mummy lantern is one of the simplest. And who doesn't like using googly eyes?

However you choose to celebrate halloween this year, I hope it's a fun one!

halloween at home, halloween at home activities, ideas for halloween at home

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