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The Love List (Week 370)

by - Friday, January 21, 2022

Orlando pulls back the curtain on life and his HGTV show

Yes to these micro habits. I do #5 all the time. I need to do more of #10

I've always wondered why we only use garlands on the mantel for Christmas. This wooden variety would be so fun for summer styling!

Oh, I love this sweet roll up curtain! It has a simple, summer vibe

These cafe curtains are pretty cute too

Would you use this colour in your kitchen?

What are your pro tips? Here's one of mine: when your child is freaking out, doing that angry/crying/almost hyperventilating thing... that is probably when they most need a hug. There are few things a hug can't resolve!

The new Studio McGee collection at Target is out and this bookcase caught my eye. I also like the details of this stool

Are you playing this too? It's become part of my morning routine ;)

A nice looking ceiling fan, finally

The natural wood brings a lovely warmth to this kitchen

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