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The Valentine's Gift They Can Enjoy All Year Long

by - Wednesday, February 02, 2022

houseplants, houseplant Valentines gift, houseplants 2022

Do you buy Valentine's gifts? We don't tend to do much here in our household. There might be some flowers, perhaps a box of chocolates, and a special homemade brunch or out for a nice dinner. Nothing too fancy, but just enough to say "I love you".

Perhaps it's my reserved Capricorn nature, but I've never been big on over-the-top displays of love. As a Valentine gift giver, or receiver, I appreciate something that's a bit more humble yet thoughtful which is why my #1 recommendation for a Valentine's gift this year is a houseplant. A bouquet of flowers is lovely though temporary, but a houseplant is a Valentine's gift they can enjoy all year long.

And no doubt, plants are popular. You'll find plantfluencers, plants as decor, and even lists of trending houseplants you'll see everywhere in 2022

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houseplants, houseplant Valentines gift, houseplants 2022

Are you feeling the love for houseplants? Plants have so many wonderful qualities. They can bring life (literally) to your decor. They add greenery and brightness, which we could all use during these cold, dreary days of winter. They clean the air by removing toxins. And they bring hope - they say "I believe in you! I trust that you can take care of this plant and tend to its needs and not kill it." What better affirmation of love is there than that.
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Plants also have meaning. A Money Tree is a great choice as a housewarming gift or for someone starting a new venture. And I absolutely love the Pilea. I have one that has produced numerous off-shoots that I've gifted to friends and family.

In case you're inspired, here's a roundup of plant gifts & accessories to give your sweetheart this year. The plant pot is just as important as the plant itself. Be sure to give one that allows room to grow. Which one would you pick for your home?

plant pots, plant gifts, plant accessories, plant pots 2022

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