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ORC Week 4: Framing The Walls

by - Wednesday, April 27, 2022

It's Week 4 of the eight-week One Room Challenge and are we half way to our finished project? Far from it. We don't even have finished walls.

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basement laundry room renovation, diy laundry remodel

We started the week with a level concrete floor. While this doesn't look like much, it got us pretty excited as it meant we could finally start to put this room together.

And who better to do that with than our friends at The Home Depot Canada. I've worked with The Home Depot Canada many times over the last decade, from large projects like our French style bathroom and dreamy coastal craft room, to fun DIYs like our cottage shed build and our cutest project ever: the make believe station

diy puppet theatre, diy lemonade stand, kids hardware store

How adorable are those rolled up wallpaper samples and paint chip cards? Even now I can picture how Chloe and her neighbourhood friends turned this theatre (it's made of a single sheet of plywood!) into a lemonade stand each summer.

Installing Basement Subfloor

But back to that laundry room. We made a very fortunate discovery and realized we had five boxes of our basement laminate left over. The product has been discontinued but I managed to track down the three remaining boxes in existence. They all come from different batches, so there is a possibility the colours in the laminate might not exactly match, but we'll take our chances.

To prepare for the laminate, we installed Dricore subfloor panels. For a basement laundry room, these products are a must have. With a raised design, they help protect against any moisture or water leaks and make the floors feel warmer by lifting your flooring off the concrete. They're very easy to install and we had the subfloor complete in just a few hours.

basement laundry room renovation, diy laundry remodel

Framing Basement Walls

Next on our list was a very big task, framing the walls. We started bright and early on the weekend with a trip to The Home Depot Canada. Is it weird to say that I loved seeing the store buzzing with activity, smelling like sawdust, filled with weekend warriors? It feels like we're finally getting back to normal and venturing out into the world more. 

basement laundry room renovation, diy laundry remodel

Sean will be building four walls plus framing out the ceiling (because, let's be honest, my 4'11" self is not a help in this situation). After a debate on whether to use wood studs vs. metal studs (we decided wood for all of the walls and metal for the ceiling), we grabbed our lumber. 

Pro tip: Always check the wood to make sure it is not warped, twisted or missing big chunks out of it. 

We also bought a Ryobi Airwave 34-Degree Framing Nailer. It's going to make for quick work and save Sean from hammering in 50 studs!

basement laundry room renovation, diy laundry remodel

In the couple of ours it took me to rake and clean out our backyard, Sean got the first wall built. He is loving the framing nailer and like with most tools, we're left thinking we should have bought it earlier.

There's three more walls and the ceiling left to frame. The walls should be straightforward but, like most basement laundry rooms, our ceiling is a mishmash of studs, ducts, pipes, and wires. It will be challenging!

basement laundry room remodel, laundry room renovation diy,

There's still much to do but I'm confident that once the framing is done, things will move more quickly. Next week, I hope to be out of the construction zone and onto prettier details. I'm excited to share with you my laundry room mood board and show you the look and feel of this space!

Hope on over to the One Room Challenge blog to see what the other participants are up to!

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