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The Prettiest Blue and White Outdoor Rugs

What's a colour combination you will never ever tire of? For me, it's blue and white. Blue and white works with any style, in any room. Keep it cool and high contrast for a modern interior. Make it soothing and pale for a coastal home. Or use it pretty and light for a preppy, traditional feel.

I love a blue and white combination for the interior of the home, so why not bring that colour palette outdoors? That was my thought when I went looking for a new outdoor rug for our front porch. I haven't shopped for an outdoor rug in a while so I tended to think of outdoor rugs as basic and plain with boring geometric patterns or colours that just aren't appealing.

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Boy, was I wrong! Outdoor rugs today are just as stylish and colourful as indoor rugs. Yes, you can find a good old geometric outdoor rug, but you can also find floral outdoor rugs, oriental, traditional, and vintage inspired rugs. 

I ended up selecting this rug for our front porch but there are so many other pretty blue and white outdoor rugs I came upon in my search. In case you'd like to bring classic blue and white to your outdoor space, check out these beautiful outdoor rugs.

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