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Gifts Under $100

by - Tuesday, November 22, 2022

When it comes to bigger Christmas gifts, and especially those items that are a bit pricier, they should hit a few markers: they need to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and are actually something that the receiver would use. This is where knowing a person's interests, hobbies, and style really come into play. Ultimately, a gift that they want or need but might not think to buy for themselves is the goal.

What is that person's favourite pastimes? Are they a cook, an entertainer, a gardener, a DIYer?

Do they play any sports or have any hobbies?

What's missing from their wardrobe? Do they wear jewellry? Do they like to dress up or prefer athleisure wear?

Knowing just a few of those answers can help you choose a gift wisely and ensure it's something that will be loved and appreciated. Here's my picks for great gifts under $100 USD.

gifts under $100 including cookware, serveware, clothing, and jewellry


  1. There's a reason the Always Pan is so popular. Not only does it come in a rainbow of colours, but it's versatile enough for most any dish. I use mine every single day and it's so pretty, I keep it sitting out on the stove.

  2. This chic Apres Ski crewneck sweatshirt is perfect for lounging in after winter adventures. Dress it up with a collared shirt for a smart casual work outfit.

  3. I love this striped tennis backpack for the tennis lover. She might not play like Serena Williams, but this cute accessory is sure to inspire her game.

  4. Sure, their old toaster is functional, but mornings will feel a little bit more special with this two-slice touchscreen toaster from Drew Barrymore.

  5. I was gifted a two-tier server just like this last Christmas and it quickly became my favourite kitchen accessory. I use mine to hold coffee mugs and it keeps things neat and organized.

  6. You can't go wrong with gifting anything Le Creuset. This whistling tea kettle is a classic that she'll want to keep out on display.

  7. I'm seriously coveting these sculptural orb earrings for myself. Available in gold or silver, they are chic yet simple enough to wear with your everyday outfits.

  8. File this 20-Piece Round Glass Containers Set under 'gifts they need but wouldn't think of'. Most of us make-do with mismatched storage containers but secretly, we would love storage that is consistent and stackable. This set is sure to be loved and well used!

  9. Take a classic cableknit turtleneck sweater and make it modern. She'll love the side slit, hi-low hem, and bold cable stitching on this sweater.

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