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The Love List (Week 400)

by - Friday, November 04, 2022

The moment I spotted the plaid pelmet and curtains, I knew I was going to love everything about this home

I'm seeing this trend of wrapping sofas with blankets more and more lately

I agree - rom coms are like a warm blanket

Hmm, I'll have to try this trick the next time I bake muffins

Vintage style peel and stick wallpaper transformed this room

black white grey christmas decor, black and white home decor for holidays

Create a sharp look for the holidays with black and white and touches of taupe. Shop this look.

Three interesting ways to use a dresser

How one author found massive success her own way

"It’s hard to deny that a lot of us have been logging into the same platforms that have many of the same quirks, communities, and rhythms for years. We’ve all been at the party for a long time! There’s something lovely and comforting about that, but also something that’s exhausting and boring, too." - so many good nuggets in this article about the shifts in social media

I like this small kitchen renovation (though the brick floor is not for me)

This Utah home has loads of charm

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