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9 Easy Ways To Decorate For Winter After Christmas

by - Monday, January 09, 2023

The Christmas decorations have been stored for another year and spring is still weeks away. Here's how to decorate for winter after Christmas with simple and cozy winter decor ideas for your home.

Did you have great holidays and a good start to the new year? I'm ready for a fresh start, especially with my home. The Christmas season is the one time of the year when I go all out with my decor. You'll find me putting up the porch Christmas trees and indoor holiday decorations in early November. Making your home cozy and welcoming is a great way to get the most of the holidays. I love creating a winter wonderland for my family and guests to enjoy.

The one drawback to decorating so early? By December 26th, I've just about had my fill of Christmas and am eager to take it all down!

cozy winter living room decorating ideas with candles, winter throw and decorative art

winter decorating ideas after holidays with birch branches, candles, and decorative pillow covers

Winter Decor Ideas

I do resist though and keep the Christmas decorations up until New Years Day. But you don't want to leave your home feeling barren for the rest of the winter season after the twinkle lights and winter wreath have been put away, so how can you decorate your home for winter after Christmas? 

Here's a list of winter decor ideas that are inexpensive, simple, and make for an easy way to transition into the new year.

winter living room window bench seat with decorative pillows and cozy throw marble cocktail table

1. Switch To Neutral Colors

Nothing says Christmas more than a bright color palette of red, green, and white. The most effective way to keep your home feeling cozy and wintry after the holidays is to switch your colourful winter decorations to the more subdued hues found in nature at this time of year. 

winter living room decorating ideas with winter art, mini houses, berries and pinecones

Instead of shimmery reds or shiny golds, incorporate a color scheme of forest greens, rustic browns, and warm winter whites. It might be as easy as just removing all of the vibrant items in your holiday decor and leaving the greenery, mini trees, and small pine cones on your tabletops. 

winter porch decor with wool blanket, winter cushion covers, birch branches and vintage skates

There's nothing that says you can't keep a Christmas wreath up on your front door too. Just remove any decorative bows and ribbons give it a simpler winter look.

2. Add In The Light

There's no longer the shimmer of the Christmas tree to get you through the remaining winter months but you can create that warm glow with candles. 

Decorating with candles is one of the simplest and cheapest winter decor ideas. Pillar candles or brass candle holders on the fireplace mantel is a classic look. It's an easy way to create a focal point and add a little bit of decor to the fireplace which can feel very barren and empty after the garlands were removed.

cozy living room for winter with led battery operated candles, bowl of pinecones

Don't hesitate to add candles into other areas of your home. Stack white candles on books, arrange them on your shelves, or tuck one on your coffee table tray. Light them up for a simple way to make your home feel warm and cozy even when its an arctic freeze outside.

You can also use fairy lights or twinkle lights sparingly to keep that winter feeling. Here on the porch, I've replaced colourful Christmas lights with twinkle lights in a rustic lantern. I keep them on a timer and it helps the exterior of my home feel wintry but not festive.

outdoor winter decor with white outdoor bench, outdoor lanterns with led lights and winter decorative pillows

3. Rustic and Natural Accents

Decorating with natural elements is a sound approach for any season. In the winter time, you can forage bare trees for dramatic looking branches, hunt for red berries, birch logs, and fallen pine cones. These non-Christmas winter decor accessories bring texture, shape, and character to the hard surfaces of your home.

winter porch decor with birch branches in galvanized pail, wool throw, and winter pine cushion cover

If you choose to keep displaying some of your faux greenery or mini evergreen trees, keep them simple. Remove ornaments and place the trees in simple terracotta pots or pails. And while creating abundant clusters of trees was the way to go for the holidays, a good rule of thumb post Christmas is "less is more" so stick to a single small tree or two.

winter living room decor with jillian harris canadian tire faux mini tree with led lights

4. Cozy Textiles

A family room is not complete without cushy pillows and cozy throw blankets, especially in winter. It's the time to sink into the sofa, surrounded by soft throw pillows with a warm throw on your lap. 

winter living room decor with velvet sofa, faux fur throw, velvet pillow and boucle

Switch out your decorative Christmas pillow covers for solid tones, cable knit covers or velvet pillows. You might also trade out the plaid blankets of the holiday season for ones made of faux fur or wool. Adding lots of texture makes a space feel more inviting and is an effective way to ward off the cold weather.

Cozy textiles are especially effective at creating a warm winter bedroom. Adding an extra quilt or knit throw to your bed linens will help you stay snoozy on cold winter mornings.

winter bedroom with ruffle duvet, knit blanket, and upholstered headboard

5. Shiny and Bright

One of the simple ways to counter those winter blues is to add in shiny or bright accessories that reflect or bounce the light. Mercury glass vases, mirrored picture frames, and shiny candlesticks all do the trick. 

On my coffee table, I've kept the polished silver coasters I found at the thrift store. They not only provide a place to rest that hot cup of cocoa but they add a bit of sparkle to the living room.

winter living room decor with owl snow globe and polished silver coasters and brass tray

6. Wood Tones

Another way to add warmth to your winter home is to bring in warm wood tones. While white washed and light woods definitely lend a cool winter Scandi vibe, cozy winter decor focuses on darker and richer wood tones. 

living room book case styling with faux plants books and wood box

You can bring in wood through non-Christmas items like wooden boxes, trays, decorative figures, or picture frames. I especially love wood mixed with vintage items that have some patina, like candlesticks or silver vessels.

7. Winter Art

There's nothing like the right piece of art to invoke those winter feels. It's the perfect time to switch out your Christmas sayings art prints for ones with more general art scenes. Think horses galloping in the snow, a field of frosted trees, or wintry vistas. 

living room book shelf with blue berries in stone vase and winter art

This site is one of my favourite sources for free public domain art. Place a print in a wood frame for a simple look that will last you until spring.

8. Decluttering

You might not have considered it, but decluttering is one of the best ways to decorate for that period between Christmas and spring. The simple act of getting rid of excess items and creating space can breathe fresh air into your home. After the excess of decorations throughout the festive season, open space on tabletops and shelves might be exactly what your space needs.

formal living room decorated for winter with candles, mini trees and pinecones, brass glass table, blue arm chairs

9. Reuse and Edit

You also don't have to purchase new decor to decorate in the winter months. Using what you already have and moving things from room to room can bring about needed change. 

Consider switching around your lamps, rugs, artwork, and accent furniture. If you had moved furniture around to accommodate the Christmas tree, consider a new layout in your family room. The best part of reusing and editing your possessions is that you save on budget which is a great way to start the new year.

winter living room with window seat, built in bookcases and pair of blue armchairs

Winter decorating doesn't have to be elaborate or difficult. With a few choice accessories, some careful editing, and a focus on less is more, you can create a winter theme in your home that will keep you cozy into the next year. Have fun with your decorating and stay warm!

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