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The Love List (Week 407)

by - Friday, January 13, 2023

So many gorgeous details in this kitchen

The Christmas decor is tucked away but here's a story about the family that gave the world the snow globe

The way she made the pleats is so clever

I love these decluttering tips. #1, 3, and 8 really spoke to me

These bedroom trends make sense to me

ginny macdonald lulu and georgia chaise

I'm completely smitten with this furniture collection. Here's how I'd style it.

You're not imagining it. Things really aren't made to last.

I like the clean lines (and hazy London light) of this home. The fresco on the ceiling is such a brilliant idea

I'm looking forward to this rom-com

The most charming Cotswold cottage you can rent

A moody bathroom done right

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