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14 Best Travel Sneakers for Women Over 40 [2024]

by - Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hello! I've come back from our week-long vacation to Antwerp, Belgium and Amsterdam, the Netherlands (more on that soon) and was lucky enough to enjoy warm spring weather while I was there. Back here in Toronto, we still have snow on the ground so I was thrilled to have this brief break from the cold.

Europeans are always so stylish and one thing I noticed on this trip was how much I need to improve my sneaker style! The cities we visited featured cobblestones and long pedestrian streets, making lifestyle sneakers the shoe of choice for everyone, young and old. 

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Lifestyle Sneakers for Women

We averaged about 16,000 steps each day of our vacation so this was definitely not a sedentary trip. Before we left, I had to quickly find a pair of comfortable walking shoes that would stand up to spring rain and walking long distances. I found these and added them to my travel wardrobe but I knew there must be more cool sneaker options to consider. 

Are you looking for the perfect pair of sneakers for your next vacation, day trip, or for weekend wear? You're not alone. We all want to travel comfortably without sacrificing our personal style. But when you're in your 40's and 50's, your criteria for the best walking shoes is a little different than it was in your 20's!

The Best Walking Shoes for Women Over 40

Let's face it, older women experience changes in their feet and bodies at this age. You might be dealing with plantar fasciitis, wide feet or flat feet, or need shock absorption and better arch support. You'll want to consider those things and more when searching out for your new pair of shoes:
  • Look for shoes that give the right amount of support, especially midfoot around the arch. Say no to flat or low profile shoes like Vans which have no arch support and will make long walking days more painful
  • Shoes shouldn't be too tight and should be wide enough to fit your foot comfortably. Shop for shoes in the afternoon. Feet naturally expand during the day and may swell during hotter weather. You should also try on shoes wearing the socks you intend to wear.
  • If you have foot pain, consider the kind of sneakers which can accommodate orthotics or insoles to give you the most custom fit
  • Shock absorption is crucial for preventing foot fatigue and providing a comfortable experience on long days of walking and exploring new destinations. Look for shoes with cushioned or responsive soles
  • Slip-on shoes are a great option and convenient choice for those who want to quickly slip their shoes on and off at airport security checkpoints or on the plane.
  • When luggage space is limited, white shoes will give you the most versatility on your vacation. You can pair white sneakers with casual or fancier outfits with ease.
I've found the top sneakers that provide both support and fashion for your next adventure. So, put away those uncomfortable chunky sneakers that you've had for 15 years and get ready hop on the sneakers trend this spring in style and comfort. Here are the top sneakers for women in their 40s that will make walking a breeze and have you feeling cute.
best sneakers for women in their 40s


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The most comfortable shoes I've ever owned were Lacoste trainers so I'm a fan of this brand. The leather upper and rubber outsole make this a shoe you can dress up or down. Wear it with capris for daytime treks or with a cute long skirt for dinner's out. It's a classic white shoe that goes with everything packed in your suitcase.

If you want some height but prefer to leave your high heels at home, consider this sneaker. It has a platform sole that provides good traction and additional shock absorption. The pale pink adds subtle color to any outfit.

I absolutely adore the vintage styling of these shoes. The lifted midsole provides great arch support and extra cushioning while the breathable mesh upper keeps things airy. The swoosh also wraps around the back, giving you a pull tab for easy on and off wearing.

The woven wool upper on this sneaker gives it an elevated look that is stylish enough for everyday wear. If you're looking for a discrete, non-sporty looking sneaker that is still super comfortable, this is one to check out.

Chloe and I saw a young woman in Amsterdam wearing these sneakers with pair of wide but cropped jeans and we both did a double-take. These classic sneakers made her outfit. With its stitched leather details, streamlined silhouette, and Nike Air cushioning, this sneaker combines comfort with great support.

I recently read an article that said New Balance is dominating the sneaker world, and judging by the number of NB shoes I saw on the streets of Europe, I have no doubt that is true. New Balance has always made a quality shoe (my newest runners are the most comfortable I've ever owned) and their diverse range of styles ensures you'll find one right for you. The classic and preppy details of this sneaker would look great with your everyday jeans. I love the cut out detail on the rubber sole. EDITED TO ADD: It has come to my attention that these are skateboarding shoes. As such, the sole will be thinner than a regular sneaker and may be more uncomfortable over long walking distances. It's still a great looking shoe but consider it for occasional instead of long distance wear.

For those who prefer a more minimalist look and sock-like fit, try these slip-on sneakers. They have everything you need for all-day comfort, with a removable Fresh Foam insole, breathable textile lining, and round toe with bumper.  The slip-on design makes getting in and out of the shoe a breeze, and these sneakers are the perfect choice for stylish and comfortable travel footwear. 

I've tried these classic white sneakers on and they are very comfortable. The mid top height feels supportive and the round toe box leaves some wiggle room. Less restrictive than high-top sneakers, this style looks especially cute when paired with flowy, flirty dresses.

Made of 100% plastic-free alternative leather, this shoe is classic, comfortable, and sustainable. It has a neutral style you can dress up or down and will keep your feet happy no matter how far you roam. 

The neutral palette and low-top style of these sneakers make them a great choice to pair with anything from shorts to dresses. The shoes come with a removable Memory Tech 2.0 memory foam insole that offers stability and comfort, while the sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Sporty and chic, this sneaker is perfect for running errands or exploring a new city. These sneakers have a breathable upper mesh that keeps your feet cool and dry during those long walks. They also come in various colours, so you can find a pair that matches your style.

I normally don't find Converse shoes very supportive, but my daughter swears that these platform sneakers are different and way more comfortable than standard Converse shoes. The shock-absorbing thicker sole is lightweight and adds height without the bulk. 

With a leather and stitched textile upper, this cool sneaker feels both modern and vintage. I especially love the black alligator logo and black stripe on the wedge sole. You could pair this with jeans and a blazer or just as easily with althleisure wear.

Available in wide widths and with foam cushioning in the heel and midsole, this sneaker is a great choice for travel. It's comfortable and stylish, but also practical enough to support your feet, especially if you plan on exploring a new city on foot.

Whether you're planning a sightseeing adventure in Europe or a relaxing beach vacation, finding the perfect pair of sneakers can make all the difference. As a woman in her 50s myself, I understand the importance of finding stylish and comfortable options that fit our unique needs. 

No matter which style you choose, investing in a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers will make your travels much more enjoyable. So, next time you pack your bags, make sure to bring along one of these top sneakers for your next journey. Your feet (and your style) will thank you. Happy travels!

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