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The Love List (Week 422)

I imagine that the dreamiest weekend breakfasts happen in this charming nook

How the scammers are taking over Etsy

The cut on this dress is darling. I'd wear it with this necklace

Romanticize your life
 this summer. #6 is a must do

Wow! This really does look like wood now

Currently on the lookout for a new swimsuit. This one is pretty. I already have this one and this one from the same brand and love them both.

country floral entryway with stripe floral wallpaper, entryway bench, landscape art

A modern country entryway to welcome you home. Shop this look

The decor in this country house was quite unexpected

It's lilac season! Grab some clippers and bring these lovelies indoors

This account has impressive Before & Afters like this and this

Kate's new shop is lovely

Are you waking up early too? On a side note, I've been working out daily for 37 days straight so I don't mind the early wake ups which help me get a workout done for the day!

The chicest French apartment

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