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The Love List (Week 434)

by - Friday, September 29, 2023

You can shop for home decor then stop for a cocktail at the Park & Oak Parlour. How chic!

Don't have room for a full mudroom? Try this instead

Ooh, this preppy Target collaboration is so fun! The knitted throw is very cute and I love this crossbody bag

The fall One Room Challenge has started! Are you following along?

I've seen this shared so many times this week. It's adorable!

This vase looks great with or without flowers

The perfect top for casual holiday gatherings 

I like the texture of this plaid pillow. P.S. Get the insert too. These are the only ones I buy!

A cute Halloween DIY

If spooky chic is more your style, check out this decor

I just got these chunky Mary Janes and they feel good, right out of the box

The fall desserts you'll want to make right now

This book is officially on my Christmas wish list. Here's a sneak peek (click Watch Now)

Twin beds are always a good idea. Love the sandy palette of these ones!

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