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Sephora Sale Picks for Women Over 40

November is here which means the holiday shopping season will be kicking into high gear. One of the seasonal sales I always wait for is the Sephora Savings Event. From now until November 6th, you can get 30% off Sephora Collection purchases and 10% off everything else (or more if you are a Sephora VIB or Rouge member).

Note: affiliate links have been used in this post for shopping convenience

I take advantage of the sale to stock up on my makeup favourites and get some early gift shopping done. Now that I'm the other side of 50, I realize that skincare and makeup go a long way in making me feel youthful and current.

Here's my top 12 Sephora Savings Event picks for women over 40. I've tried and loved each and every one of these products and hope you will too!

sephora savings event picks for women over 40

  1. I've long been a fan of Caudalie products so was eager to try this Resveratrol Lift Instant Firming Retinol Alternative Serum. I could feel the effects of this serum almost instantly. I applied it at night and woke up with my skin feel firmer and tighter. It's a little pricy but the results are comparable to what I get from another long time favourite, the Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum. You don't need a lot so use sparingly and work it into your skin.

  2. Let's face it - eyebrow care is a concern once you hit midlife. The over-plucking of your 20's and the gradual thinning of brows that comes with age has probably left you with a less than ideal brow situation. What you need is DIPBROW® Waterproof, Smudge Proof Brow Pomade in your makeup kit. I swear by product - it gives me the realistic looking brows I long for (once I learned how to apply it with the brow brush properly!). 

  3. A good daily moisturizer is hard to find but the Lotus Anti- Aging Daily Moisturizer by Fresh is the one I rely on. It's lightweight but hydrating and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy.

  4. I generally wear foundation every day and HD Skin Undetectable Longwear Foundation is by far the best one I've found. It gives me a light and flawless finish that I can layer the rest of my makeup on. A little goes on a very very long way so use it with a PRO foundation brush to get the best coverage and little wastage.

  5. I'm a totally beginner at using bronzer sticks, but if you want a warm glow and some contouring and definition, Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks make it super simple! This product just glides on and is easy to blend with just your fingertips. Looks fabulous on all skin tones.

  6. I've tried so many under eye correctors and this one by Bobbi Brown is the best at hiding discoloration. I apply it with a concealer brush and layer with a liquid concealer for an even finish.

  7. At only $15, the Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum by The Ordinary is a steal that actually delivers results. I apply this to my eyebrows consistently (you can also use it for your eyelashes) and it has made my brows slightly thicker and brought some bald spots back to life. Definitely a must have!

  8. I love the formulation of the Retractable Rouge Gel Lip Liner. It glides on easily and doesn't feather or bleed into my fine lines. It comes lots of great shades too - monarch, a matte beige brown, is my daily go-to.
  9. I'm new to cream blushes but after trying the Mini Flush Balm Cream Blush Set (yes, I gifted it to myself!), I am a total convert! These blushes are creamy and glide on beautifully. You can build them up or layer them for a completely custom look. The Rouge in this set can be a little intense but I love it on my lips for a hint of bright colour. This is my top gift pick of the season!

  10. How many lipsticks do you have scattered in your purses? At only $20, you can have one of these Satin Hydrating Lipsticks in every bag you own. This is a great all-around, every-day lipstick. It's smooth, highly pigmented, and comes in lots of great colours. It doesn't last as long as pricier lipsticks but if you don't mind reapplying, its a good choice.

  11. The Vinoperfect Ultimate Brightening Set was my favourite gift I received last Christmas and I loved it so much, I'm asking for it again this year. This particular set is focused on lightening dark spots and there was a noticeable difference when I used it.

  12. When you don't have a lot of time to apply your makeup, you'll want to reach for Brow Definer 3-in-1 Triangle Tip. It gives you an easy defined shape and realistic hair strokes. Its an effortless way to get a simple clean brow.
Now you have all my beauty secrets. Tell me, what beauty products are your tried and true?

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