Felt Easter Eggs

Apr 3, 2012 + ,

With all the BlogPodium planning and prepping for Chloe's birthday party, I'm a little behind on my Easter crafting. The best I could do was creating some felt eggs and decorations for Chloe to play with.

I love felt. Its no mess, doesn't require any glue or tape because the felt sticks to felt, and pack it into a ziplock bag for easy cleanup.

Speaking of felt, this was a little gift Chloe got from her cousins last Easter - an egg carton with a dozen felt eggs! How cute is that?

This is Chloe playing with her eggs last year. She looks like a baby compared to the photo above! *Sniff*. She really is growing up.

Have you made any Easter crafts?


  1. no easter crafty project for me this time... but Chloe is so cute and becoming a young lady right in front of our eyes.  XO 

  2. No time for easter crafting this year unless you count the hard boiled brown eggs I made and place in my robin's egg blue pyrex bowl because it looked pretty:) Love this.

  3. Adorable. 


  4. she's such a little cutie! what a clever idea, my girls would have loved those eggs.

  5. Those felt eggs are so cute I can't stand it!  I want to make some for me.

  6. Giulia@ fishlynews.com12:29 PM

    Too cute! We made some easter stencil cards this year, my kids love any craft with paint :)

  7. Oh these are so cute Jennifer.
    I've had a number of big deadlines too, which will take me right up to the end of the week, so sadly I haven't had a chance to make any projects for Easter.
    I did pick up a really cute ceramic egg carton for pennies from Superstore (Loblaws in Ontario) and hope to do something a little fun with that on the blog!

  8. Those eggs are adorable!

  9. sharstin12:29 PM

    love this easter fun! and am for sure a fan of the no mess!


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