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The Basement: Laundry Room Layout

by - Monday, April 02, 2012

And just as I thought we were moving quickly in the basement, things have slowed down. A few unexpected delays mean our framing will start sometime this week. That means I've got time on my hands to plan and scheme. So using the Ikea kitchen planner, here's what the laundry room is looking like:

View from the hallway entering into the laundry room
A bird's eye view

Looks like I have the room pretty well planned out, doesn't it? Well... that's because we've had these Ikea cabinets sitting in our storage locker for the last year and a half. Ugh. If you remember, we tried to get this basement reno off the ground over a year ago, then had a falling out with the contractor we were just about to hire so decided to switch gears and renovate the living room instead. So these cabinets have sat. In a storage locker. Costing us $$. I'll be so glad to get rid of that locker and move everything back into the basement.

We completely forgot what cabinets we had bought and lost our shopping list so we pulled them out last weekend and did an inventory. I think this is what we had planned. This is the view from the storage room. I would have loved to have tall pull-out pantry towers on the left wall but the ceilings are only 7' tall so we'll have to go with stacked cabinets. Maybe we'll put little cubbies in between so we don't waste the space above, or we could put a narrow open shelf there. The pot drawers on the bottom will be used for storing linens and household items. The inspiration pics I posted last week have got me thinking about beadboard and planking. Maybe on the backsplash, or on the ceiling.

On the opposite side, we have room for the washer and dryer and sink cabinet. We have upper cabinets going wall to wall. I wish they lined up with the machines and cabinet below but they don't. We'll definitely be doing a countertop over the washing machines. Not sure if we'll go with wood countertops but I really like the look. It may not be the best material though for a wet area.

Seeing as I've been thinking about this room for so long, there's a few other ideas I've got in mind. There'll be some frosted glass and mirror (maybe), a chrome rod and other decorative elements. That's the plan anyway. We'll have to wait and see if it becomes reality.

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