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One Of A Kind Spring Show

by - Friday, March 30, 2012

On Wednesday, I attended the Media breakfast for the One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale. We started off with a delicious breakfast catered by CrudaCafe, which specializes in raw and living foods that are vegan, wheat, and gluten free.

Their food consists of uncooked and unrefined fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. I've been curious about raw food and I'll tell you, I wouldn't have guessed the food was raw if you hadn't told me. I was at the show into the early afternoon (Lindsay, Farah, and I judged an art competition) and I found I had great energy and didn't experience that "sugar slump" I usually experience when I'm out walking a trade show. Definitely a good meal!

And of course, the shopping was good too. Here are my top picks:

1 / Adorable stationery from Flakes Paperie, booth G-05
2 / Airport pillows and maps by Nicole Tarasick, booth G-35
3 / Beautiful ceramics by Ateliers des Cent-Ans, booth H-06
4 / Heirloom quality blankets by Tissage Magely Weaving, booth J-21
5 / Nautical inspired jewellry from MoonRox, booth Q-32
6 / Summery dresses for little girls from Patouche, boogh L-46
7 / Handmade ceramic wares from Eikcam, booth N-08

The show runs until April 1st at the Direct Energy Centre. If you're there on Sunday, you can catch fellow blogger Christine do a talk. Happy shopping & have a good weekend!

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  1. lipstikevents12:30 PM

    I love the MoonRox jewellry too! Each piece was so unique and fun!

  2. sharstin12:30 PM

    wow--so much goodness! i want to go!

  3. Auntie Shan12:30 PM

    BTW, if Anyone happens to be in OTTAWA for EASTER Weekend [Apr. 5-8], the Spring "ORIGINALS" Craft Show is going on at the new OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE -- Downtown, just a few minutes walk from PARLIAMENT HILL...  Always *tons* of COOL STUFF!!

  4. Love that apron! So vintage. So fun.

  5. looks DELICIOUS!  i have friends who are very into the whole raw food thing, and i can appreciate it (though i can also fully appreciate a good brazilian steakhouse!)... good stuff...

  6. Those ceramics are beautiful - too bummed I couldn't make it this year!

  7. Yum!  That plate of goodies looks amazing!  Love the MoonRox jewelry!  So pretty!  Wish I could go.  Thanks for sharing.


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