Cabin Fever

Dec 10, 2013 +

We're hosting our annual Pancakes and Pajamas party next week to celebrate the December birthdays of two of my siblings. I'm busy gathering inspiration for the party and have settled on a cozy cabin fever theme. Think buffalo check and traditional plaid patterns, antlers and moose, campfires and warm throws. How that will translate into a party, I'm not quite sure, but I've gathered a few of my favourite cozy cabin decor items that would really help set the mood:

PC Holiday Tartan Set | Fireside Feast Party Sign | Glittery Gold Pine Wreath | Hudson's Bay Point Blanket | Figure Skating Stockings | PC Log Cabin Cookie Jar | Le Creuset Rustic Mug | Tartan Nightgown

Is it weird that I really want a flannel nightgown? Pair it with warm woolen socks*, a cup of hot cocoa in my hand, and I'll be a happy camper.

P.S. Check out my Etsy cabin fever collection to see even more woodsy finds.
*I seriously must have watched way too many episodes of Little House On The Prairie in my youth

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