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Mar 28, 2014 +

Curious how many times that project of yours has been pinned? Use this site to find out.

What day is it? This day.

Illustration by Sarah Lazarovic. See here for a painting that Sarah made just for me :)
Lovely large-scale art - inexpensively

It started when I saw their pregnancy time lapse video. And then I watched them sing a duet. And I dug way back to see his epic wedding speech. Then I watched their whole youtube channel. Cutest couple ever.

When's the best time to publish a blog post? Now you know.

Perfect art for a child's room. Sawyer Benson via Oh Joy.

I adore this girl's room. So crisp. So Finnish.

Belgian Linen slipcovered sofa, get into my house.

A perfectly girly closet makeover.

Favourite Etsy shop of the week: Sweet Peony Press.  I love the charming modern prints with an old world feel.

Have a good weekend!

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