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A Creative Brain Jog

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I came across this instagram recently by one of my favourite illustrators, Sarah Jane. And then I saw this youtube video about writing a song in 5 minutes. And I thought about brain jogs and how fun it can be to just do something creative.  Being creative helps electrify those pathways in our brains that we rarely use. I'm sure it triggers happiness sensors too because being creative, without rules or deadlines or deliverables to worry about, is just so freeing. You can follow your imagination wherever it takes you.

I thought about how much I enjoyed making the peg dolls with my mom and Chloe - unusually so. There was something satisfying about getting our hands dirty and each of us putting focus and concentrating on these tiny little objects, working separately but together. I enjoyed the process of creating and I enjoyed seeing the finished pieces at the end. It was like taking a brief but satisfying walk - in the sunshine!

But brain jogs can happen in many different forms. For some, its meditating. For others its painting, reading a book, or cooking up a good meal. There are many ways we wake up our minds and make them feel alive. For me, its crafting and making things, usually just as you see above, with that little one creating alongside me.

Have you had a brain jog lately? What kinds of things do you do to get your mind unstuck and thinking more freely?

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