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The Love List

by - Friday, March 28, 2014

Curious how many times that project of yours has been pinned? Use this site to find out.

What day is it? This day.

Illustration by Sarah Lazarovic. See here for a painting that Sarah made just for me :)
Lovely large-scale art - inexpensively

It started when I saw their pregnancy time lapse video. And then I watched them sing a duet. And I dug way back to see his epic wedding speech. Then I watched their whole youtube channel. Cutest couple ever.

When's the best time to publish a blog post? Now you know.

Perfect art for a child's room. Sawyer Benson via Oh Joy.

I adore this girl's room. So crisp. So Finnish.

Belgian Linen slipcovered sofa, get into my house.

A perfectly girly closet makeover.

Favourite Etsy shop of the week: Sweet Peony Press.  I love the charming modern prints with an old world feel.

Have a good weekend!

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