Advent Calendar Countdown

Dec 1, 2014

As a kid, I would love counting down to special events... ten sleeps until my birthday! Three weeks to the end of school! Four days until a sleepover at my cousins! You can imagine then how excited I would be to count down the days until Christmas.

I think that's why I love putting together the Advent calendar for Chloe. A whole month of celebration and anticipation... if you love surprises, then Advent calendars just might be the best.invention.ever.

Rambling Renovators | advent calendar draw string bags

It's a tradition now... I fill each stamped cotton bag with an ornament for the tree and an Activity of the day. I added the printable tags I mentioned on last week's Love List and they add just the right modern touch. 

Rambling Renovators | advent calendar draw string bags

Some of the days have a gift associated with the activity. Day 1 is Open A Gift which is always the Lego Friends Advent calendar.  I added an Eiffel tower ornament to commemorate our trip to Paris this year. Do you do that too and buy ornaments to mark special events throughout the year?

I like to string the bags up across the shutters in our dining room and watch as the bags disappear, one by one. I found the cutest mitten garland at Target that works perfectly with the cotton bags. I'll have to show you more of my Christmas decor but I'm loving this non-traditional monochrome palette of white, black, and natural tones.

Rambling Renovators | advent calendar draw string bags

You can be really creative with Advent calendars which is part of the fun. Do you do an Advent calendar?

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