Painted Shiplap in the Bathroom

Oct 24, 2016 + , ,

Do you have any shiplap in your house? It's popularity doesn't show any signs of waning. We were so thrilled with the natural shiplap in our cottage living room that we decided to put it in the main bathroom as well.

grey painted shiplap in the bathroom, round wood mirror, milk glass sconce |

This bathroom has no natural light so there's a bit of a yellow cast in these photos. We used the same steps as in our living room shiplap. I really love how the horizontal gaps are really pronounced here. We decided to paint the shiplap (Sing Time P5221-34D by PARA Paints) which is a mid-tone grey with a hint of green. It provides an unexpected hit of colour in our mostly all-white cottage.

grey painted shiplap in the bathroom, round wood mirror, milk glass sconce |

The large wood mirror (STABEKK from Ikea) warms up the grey scheme. It also repeats the wood tone found in other elements around the cottage, like the railing.

grey painted shiplap in the bathroom, woods shower curtain |

Speaking of woods, our shower curtain (Nordic Forest from Simons) is reminiscent of the famous Cole And Son Woods wallpaper. Our cottage is surrounded by trees so it was a fitting choice.

grey painted shiplap in the bathroom, industrial bathroom hardware |

The bathroom hardware has an industrial feel. You could totally DIY something similar out of plumbing parts. 

grey painted shiplap in the bathroom, round wood mirror, milk glass double sconce |

My favourite element though is the double sconce light fixture. I love the mix of milk glass, brass, and aged steel. I first tried these with Edison bulbs but they didn't give off enough light. So I switched them with the globe bulbs that came from the strip lighting that the builder had originally installed in this bathroom. They're pretty cute.

We were glad to have this bathroom finished because the cottage is all closed up for the season now. We didn't get to everything we planned to but I'm not too disappointed. It was an awesome first summer at the cottage!

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