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A Cottage Bathroom Redone

by - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Sometimes, your decorating plans work out just right. And sometimes, they come close but not close enough. Such was the case with the bathroom at the cottage. 

modern cottage cabin country bathroom, Delta Faucet Trinsic |

It's feeling light and fresh now but it wasn't always this way. We first decorated this bathroom last summer. We installed shiplap, painted, put in new lighting and accessories and it looked like this:

Which was perfectly fine... until we actually started using the bathroom. The mid-tone grey-green paint made the room feel small and dark. The lighting in the room, above the sink and above the shower, never felt bright enough. The bath accessories were a fail too. Towels kept falling off the hooks and the accessories looked too industrial and heavy. It felt entirely wrong for our bright and airy cottage.

And yet we lived with it for a while because who wants paint all those shiplap grooves again? Not me!

modern cottage cabin country bathroom, Delta Faucet Trinsic |

But then we decided to replace the faucet and it changed everything. This gorgeous Trinsic Two-Handle Widespread faucet from Delta Faucet Canada brought the modern + country style I was craving. I love the gooseneck design and the feel of the matte black finish in your hands.

modern cottage cabin country bathroom, Delta Faucet Trinsic |

We brought in other accessories from the Trinsic collection, including the towel ring, tissue holder, and robe hooks. They worked so much better with the black and brass light and black cabinet knobs that were already in the room.

modern cottage cabin country bathroom, Delta Faucet Trinsic |

With all these pretty and new accessories,  we knew we couldn't live with the depressing grey paint any longer.  So we repainted the room in Spring Melt by Martha Stewart. Her paint is no longer sold but I still have her paint chips so we colour matched it in Benjamin Moore paint. 

modern cottage cabin country bathroom, Delta Faucet Trinsic |

A print by Stephanie Cheng brought the whole room together. The trees on the print referenced the trees on our woodsy shower curtain, and the dark green black colour was a match for our painted door (Weathervane by PARA Paints). I couldn't have planned it better!

Now, the bathroom feels bright and happy and I actually love going in there.  I've learned my lesson: if it doesn't feel right - repaint!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Delta Faucet Canada. Thank you for supporting the brands who make this blog possible.

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