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Improving Our Curb Appeal: A New Garage Door

Garaga North Hatley LP carriage style garage door

What a difference a garage door makes! Recently, we've been making some changes to improve the exterior of our home and our curb appeal got a huge boost with the installation of a new garage door from Garaga. Do you remember where we started?

Blue, blue and more blue. The old garage door was loud, creaky, and poorly insulated. It wasn't offensive but looked dated.

I was excited to get a more stylish and updated look with the help of Garaga. We decided on the North Hatley LP design. The installation turned out to be quite a long one but the team at Garage Door Depot did an excellent job. The installer first removed the old door then had to deal with some peculiarities of our garage, having to install new wood supports for the door mechanism.

We also opted to have a new door operator installed (Liftmaster Elite 8550W) as our old one was at the end of its lifespan. I haven't entirely jumped on the 'smart home' concept but this remote controlled, wifi-enabled garage door opener is a life changer. Not only is the garage door incredibly silent and operates smoothly, I can now control the garage door from ton my smart phone. I can check the door's status, and open and close it, even when we're away. The end product looked beautiful from the inside...

Garaga North Hatley LP carriage style garage door

... and the outside. I'm in love with the 8 lite windows which repeat the grid lines of our six-over-six front windows. Having more natural light in the garage is a great benefit too as Sean is constantly in there working on projects, even throughout the winter. He'll be much more comfortable out there now as the new door has great R-value and the weatherstripping will keep the cold weather on the outside.

Garaga North Hatley LP carriage style garage door

Garaga North Hatley LP carriage style garage door

The carriage style hardware is the perfect finishing touch. The black accents make the door stand out. We've already received so many compliments about the door from the neighbours.

You might have spotted some of the other exterior changes we've made and I can't wait to tell you more about them. I have a few more improvements planned but for now, progress looks really good.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Garaga. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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