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Itchy Fingers

by - Monday, April 30, 2007

HandyMan and I went to see another house today (surprise, surprise). This one was a semi near Bayview & Eglinton. It was sweet little reno... the owners did quite a number on this Tudor. Handy as we are, we couldn't find much that we'd want to change. And therein lies the problem. When you get down to it, HandyMan and I are renovators at heart. After moving into a new place, unpacking our boxes, and settling in... we'd quickly find ourselves bored. We'd start looking for something, anything, that needed to be fix. While this house was a beauty, I could just see us twidling our thumbs in about a month saying "Okay, sooooo... now what?" I don't think you should feel that way about a place you just dropped 500 Grand on. Thanks, but we'll pass.

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