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Organizing Your Hallway Linen Closet: Tips for a Tidy Space

Are you in need of smart hallway linen closet organizing ideas that actually work? If you're like me, you understand the struggle of keeping your linen closet neat and orderly, especially in a small space.

We have most of our closets under control. From the kids closet in my daughter's room to our small front hall closet, we've learned how to make the most out of a small storage space.

But my hallway linen closet? It had become a total disaster! With some creative solutions and a bit of effort, I've finally transformed our hall closet into a storage space that's both functional and visually appealing. You can easily take these linen closet organization ideas into your space, big or small.

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hallway linen closet organizing ideas

Linen Closet Ideas

​Purge and Edit

The first step in any organizing project is to take stock of what you have and reduce it down to what you actually need. Linen closets hold a variety of items so its easy to lose sight of what is actually still useful and in good shape. 

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

Over time, my closet had become a dumping ground for mismatched bath towels, flat and fitted sheet sets in different sizes for bed sizes we no longer had, and pillow cases that had seen better days. I emptied the entire closet and organized the items into three groups: keep, donate, and toss. It quickly became apparent that, no, I did not need so much stuff! 

It's a great idea to actually assess how you use your linens. If you tend to remove your bedding, wash it immediately, and replace it back on the bed, then there's no need to have so many extra sets. Think of what you need for the whole family and purge the rest.

Assess Your Space

Once you know what you need to store in your hallway closet, the next step is to evaluate your linen storage space. Open up your linen closet and take a good look inside. Are there wire shelves that can be optimized or repositioned? Is there unused vertical space? Do you have easy access to lower shelves? 

Assessing your storage needs will help you determine the best way to organize your closet. Consider installing built-in shelving or adjustable wire shelves to make the most of your closet space.

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

Also consider a mix of storage furniture. You can use shelves, cubbies, and rods to truly customize your space. The rod in our hallway linen closet proved to be the perfect place to store extra blankets and throws, plus it visually creates a pretty scene when opening the closet doors.

Utilize Vertical and Deep Shelves

In a hallway linen closet, maximizing vertical space is key. For deeper shelves, consider using wire baskets or storage containers to corral smaller items like hand towels and toiletries. This not only keeps things organized but also makes it easy to access items stored at the back of the closet. Plan out what goes where and how to use every inch. For instance, extra towels that are used daily might be kept in front at eye level while less used bedding for the guest room can be tucked on the bottom shelf.

hallway linen closet organizing ideas 

In our closet, I rolled up bulky seasonal quilts with Velcro One Wrap and stored them behind the fabric storage boxes. The top shelf holds larger items like oversized inserts and extra pillows. This keeps them out of the way and the deep shelf prevents them from falling over.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Storage baskets and containers are your best friends when it comes to organizing a small linen closet. You'll want to use containers that are neither too big nor too small. 

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

For our bed linens, I used fabric containers to sort the bedding by size. Flat sheets, fitted sheets, and the matching pillowcase are kept together for easy bed making. You can also invest in shelf dividers to separate piles of towels or sheet sets neatly. For small items, like toilet paper or extra toiletries, use clear baskets, glass jars, or lazy susans to keep things visible and accessible.

Clear plastic bins are used to store seasonal items like flannel bedding or beach towels. They take a lot of space so they sit on the floor so there's no heavy lifting. Be sure to label each container for easy identification or use clear containers that allow you to see the contents. This not only keeps your closet tidy but also makes it simple for family members to find what they need and help with putting away the laundry.

hallway linen closet organizing ideas 

Optimize Door Space

Our linen closet has bifold doors, but if you have a passage closet door, don't forget about using the valuable extra space behind it! Install a door rack or hanging door organizers to store frequently used household items like cleaning supplies or extra toiletries. This not only frees up shelf space but also ensures that these items are easily accessible when you need them.

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

Keep it Clean and Cohesive

Here's one thing I've learned about organizing a home: the prettier it looks, the more likely you are to keep it looking neat. 

To maintain a clean look in your linen closet, consider using shelf liner to protect surfaces and keep items from slipping. Use matching bins or baskets to group similar items together, such as sets of sheets or pillowcases. This creates a cohesive look and makes it easy to find what you're looking for. It is also pleasing to the eye and will make your linen closet instantly more chic! As a final touch, use a label maker to create labels for each container.

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

One of my best storage tips is to create zones in your storage space. For instance, having a designated shelf for pillows, the next shelf for toiletries, and a shelf for towels keeps your whole closet functioning great. Members of your household won't have to guess where to put things on the linen closet shelves.

Rotate and Refresh

As the seasons change, so do our storage needs. Take the time to rotate seasonal items in and out of your linen closet to keep it organized and functional year-round. This also provides an opportunity to declutter and donate items you no longer need. 

The great thing is that once you have the right home organization ideas and storage solutions in place, your hallway linen closet should stay organized with little effort. The next time you're looking for the summer quilt, you'll know exactly where to find it!

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

hallway linen closet organizing ideas

Final Thoughts

Organizing a small linen closet may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and strategies, it's entirely achievable. By utilizing vertical space, investing in storage solutions, and keeping your closet clean and cohesive, you can create an organized space that works for you and your family.

Remember, the key to successful linen closet organization is to tailor it to your specific needs and habits. Whether you're organizing a small closet in your hallway or a larger space in your laundry room, these simple ideas can help you create a functional and beautiful storage solution that works for you. Here's to a tidy and organized linen closet, where everything has its place and finding what you need is a breeze! Happy organizing!

Linen Closet Organization Products

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