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Empowering Women Over 40: Unveiling a Year of Action through Personalized Coaching

Hey friend. I hope your holidays were wonderful and you've had a great start to 2024.

I'm starting the new year - and this first post of the year - with a new mindset. There's a question that's been lingering in my mind for quite some time, and I think, finally, I have my answer.

Part I

What's your endgame? 

What are you working towards?

What do you want your legacy to be?

Heavy questions, I know. But really, this is what I've been pondering. Especially today... it's the start of the new year... and it's my birthday! :)

For those of us in the second half of our lives, these kinds of questions become more frequent. Louder. More troublesome. 

Four years ago to the day I wrote this post about experiencing a midlife crisis. My feelings have only become more pronounced with what has happened to the world since then. Call it the "great reset", when Covid, global conflicts, inflation etc etc have caused us all to reconsider and reprioritize what we want out of life.

For me, that has shifted so much over the years. I started my career with a degree in Finance and an MBA in Strategic Management. As a financial analyst and then a project manager, I loved digging deep into numbers, creating processes, and bringing large, complex projects to fruition. 

Then I started this blog in 2007 and built an online career around it. I've created multiple income streams, made tens of thousands in affiliate commissions, and continue to work with amazing brands on five-figure collaborations.

I've also been a conference organizer, a podcaster, an influencer, a social media consultant. I've run courses and masterminds, appeared in magazines and on air.

And somewhere along the way, I lost sight of my endgame. 

business coach for women over 40

Part II

If I were to look back and find the common thread between my work experiences it would be this: I'm driven by a desire to provide others the tools, systems, and know-how that helps them reach their full potential.

Whether it was providing courses to help you design any room in 7 simple steps, creating conferences so content creators can learn from experts, or showing you how to renovate a bathroom - my "Why" has always been to help you achieve what you didn't think was possible.

Which is why a career focused on pleasing algorithms, sharing shopping links, and creating content - while extremely profitable - is no longer a fit. Perhaps it never was.

I am made for coaching others

I am made for 3 year strategic plans, gantt charts, and spreadsheets

I am made for identifying far off, pie-in-the-sky goals, and breaking them down into bite-sized, attainable, daily actions

I am made for inspiring, leading, and encouraging others to think bigger, strive further, and just do it

Especially the women in the second half.

The women who still have big dreams but feel diminished in their current role as worker bee, mother, and ignored 40+ demographic

The women who are underemployed

The women who see themselves as creative and not business-minded

The women who know they are capable of being and doing more, but lack the plan and village of support to get there

Is that you?

The Year of Action

There are many coaches and gurus who promise six figure businesses and a 1000 new followers in the blink of an eye. They make money showing you how to do what they do, but don't help you to make money doing what you do.

That's where I come in. 

✅ Creating a tailored and personalized playbook to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

✅ Providing you the long-term support, feedback, and truth-telling needed to keep you accountable, motivated, and on track

✅ Helping you grow your business in a way that is profitable, optimized, sustainable, and passion-driven

I have been where you are and know that the challenges at this point in your life and career can feel insurmountable. I know what it means to balance the demands of children, aging parents, partners, comfortable careers and your own self doubts while pursuing a new path. But it can be done.

Are you ready to finally move towards those dreams you've held onto for so long? Are you ready for a year of action?

Because you and I - we can make that happen.

The end of the tunnel? We see it now. Far down the road, but it's there.

So let's make the leap. Excuses are endless but time is not.

Let's chat about your dreams: Schedule a heart-to-heart Discovery Call with me today.    

Limited Discovery Call slots are available. Let's kickstart your Year of Action.

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