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Less Is More

by - Monday, May 21, 2007

With the closing of our new house about six weeks away, HandyMan and I have to get our butts in gear and get my condo sold. There is nothing like a looming deadline to get us moving on things on our To Do List. We've spent the majority of the glorious long weekend cooped up inside purging, packing, and preening my condo into show-worthy condition.

Its amazing how much "stuff" I've managed to accumulate in the three short years that I've lived in this condo. And its not like I'm a pack rat or anything. I purge on a regular basis. Those capris I thought were a good deal at $20 but haven't worn for the last two summers? Tossed 'em. The duplicate strainers, can openers and wooden spoons? Banished them from my tiny kitchen. I feel like I have little affinity for material things...but my packed-to-the-rafters condo tells a different story!

It seems that no matter what size of a place I've lived in, from my bedroom in my parents house, to the two bedroom rental apartment, and now this condo, my stuff seems to inexplicably expand relative to the size of the space. How is it that I when I consciously try to reduce and reuse and minimize
my footprint on the environment, all I seem to have is more more more?

I hope this new house will tell a different story. HandyMan and I are consciously trying to incorporate enviro-friendly elements in our renos. There are so many green options these days that making the right choice shouldn't be wrong for our pocketbooks. Now if I could only find enough storage space for all my shoes...

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