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Starting Small

by - Monday, July 02, 2007

Tomorrow, HandyMan and I get our new house. Its going to be a great new adventure, and we know its one step closer to our "dream home". This one isn't it, we knew that going in. We think that this will probably be our 5-7 year home, one to start a family in, but once that family grows from one kid to two, we'll probably have to find something bigger. Its a good starter though. And we will certainly get to flex our renovating muscles on it.

Speaking of starting small, HandyMan and I worked on a fantastic little project this weekend. We're getting married this August (yikes - 7 weeks away!) and I've been bugging HandyMan for the last 3 months to build me a card "house". Rather than a frilly poufy cardbox box covered in white satin, or an ornate guilded bird cage, I thought we needed a card box that represented "US". What better than a miniature house built out of balsa wood :)

We started off with the design -- I wanted something low-slung with lots of windows. HandyMan envisioned it with cantilevered levels, very modern. It also had to be functional; there needed to be a way to put cards in and take them out. Plus, I wanted to keep the box as a keepsake, so it had to be durable, to a point. Well, it took 12 hours and about $100 in supplies, but I think we came out with a great addition to our wedding decor. We had a ton of fun making it too... it was like playing with doll houses as a kid. Only better. And way cooler. Hope you like what we came up with :)

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  1. Gorgeous Card House!! You should keep that for your 50th anniversary party :)


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