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And so it begins!

by - Sunday, July 08, 2007

It has been a busy few days... on Wednesday, July 4, 2007, we got our new house. Since that time, HandyMan and I have been there almost daily, just looking about, getting a good look at the new digs. This past weekend, we made a HUGE start on the renos, but more about that later.

Introducing: our new home.

First stop, the front entry.

You'll notice as soon as you step inside that there is pink carpeting -- everywhere! Given that the previous owner had two cats and HandyMan is allergic to cats, it was a given that the carpet had to go and soon, but first a few shots of the pink palace in all its glory.

From the front door you enter into a hallway which runs past the side entrance, through the kitchen, out to the deck and the 
backyard. We have grand plans for this grand entrance!

Next up, the living room and dining room. 

To the left of the hallway is the living room and beyond that the dining room. Pink pink everywhere!. There is a nice built in rad cover and shelving which spans the front window. The living room is a basic rectangular space, save for the woodburning fireplace covered in rough stone in the corner. As I mentioned in previous posts, I fell in love with woodburning fireplaces ever since HandyMan's condo. Got to got to got to have one in my house :) This one looks to be in good shape but HandyMan has "a thing" against rough/river rock type stone so this too has to renoed at some point. You'll notice the wonky little box on the ceiling which likely houses the fireplace shaft. HandyMan affectionally calls it 'the pimple in our living room'. Not to worry, that too will be Clearasil'd out at some point ;)

A nice curved archway leads into the dining room, a nice detail typical of the era. The dining room is a great big space... I can already picture it looking all schmancy with wainscotting, wallpaper, chandelier...swoon. At the far end, a large picture window takes up almost the whole wall. It offers a stunning view of the garden. The previous owner, Kiki, was an avid gardener (garden, cats, pink carpet... are you getting a picture here???) and this window really puts her talents on display. I could do without the balloon curtains and the unstained wood, but the window will be staying :).

Stay tuned for more!

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