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Ripping Out Old Carpet

For all I know, I am blogging in a vacuum where the only person interested in my renovating progress is me. Not even HandyMan passes by here regularly (he’s too busy fiddling around in the new garage anyway). But for any of you lurkers out there, yes… I know… its been a looooooooooooong time since I last posted. 4 months long, which in the blogging world is a lifetime.

I do have an excuse though. In the last 4 months, we’ve moved out of our old condo, moved into the new house, did some ripping out of old carpet (500 sq ft of pink carpet – be gone!), got married, and went on a honeymoon to Paris and Spain. Yeah, its been busy. 

But now I’ve got all that wedding stuff out of my system (liar – I still need a daily fix of, I can get back to this blogging thing. Lucky for you, dear reader, there is a lot to blog about.

First bit of business was getting the stinky old pink carpet out of there. We did that before we moved in and unearthed some pristine original hardwood floors underneath. HandyMan’s cousin did a great job of sanding and staining them back to life. We even found a beautiful inlaid marquetry where the original fireplace would have once stood. 

Speaking of fireplaces, what happened to that giant monstrosity lurking in the corner?? Thanks to the guys at WeeHaul, that baby is gone gone gone. Yes, I know, one of the reasons we bought the house in the first place was because of the fireplace, but HandyMan is not a fan of faux river rock and I desperately wanted that 13% of my floorspace back. No worries though – something smaller, sleeker, and infinitely cooler will take its place. We had hoped to donate the fireplace to Habitat For Humanity but fearing it was too old to be usable, and WeeHaul ready to take it away for a mere $20, we decided to toss it out.

Next up, progress on the dining room...

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