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Zip It Up

by - Monday, March 17, 2008

Another whirlwind weekend for HandyMan and I. We went to two re-stores, 5 granite warehouses, made 2 trips to IKEA, hit the gym, and managed to install half of the office. Did you know that an IKEA countertop weighs 92 pounds? Yeah, neither did we. But after lugging 3 of those home, out to the garage, and up the stairs to the office, I’ll tell you they feel more like 192 pounds :o\ I’ll upload pics of the office tonight. The sheer weight of the bookcases and countertop gave us a bit of trouble (so how are we going to affix that 75 pound bookcase to the wall??) but it looks awesome so far.

I also worked on the kitchen renovation Work Breakdown Structure too. All you fellow project management geeks know that affectionately as a WBS. So far, 94 tasks are on the list. One thing I am looking forward to is picking up one of these. It’s a zipper for a tarp. We’ll have to put up some plastic to contain the dust from the kitchen demolition. You stick one of these to the plastic and ta-da – instant, easy access. Anyone know where I can buy this?

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  1. No, I don't know where you can buy that, and I swear I'm not after a free copy of your book. My name is Dave LeBlanc and I write as "The Architourist" in the Globe & Mail (Friday Real Estate section). Just wondering what your thoughts are about having your experiences as new, renovating homeowners profiled in my column. Write me back at if you're interested.

    Oh, and you can check out my wife's houseblog:



  2. Oh how I could have used this the past week!!! I put up plastic but I still ended up havign white dust everywhere./ I found one for sale here:

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristin! I'll be ordering two of those straight away.

    DLeB - very interesting! I'll be in contact. Strangely, I just came across your wife's blog for the first time on Saturday! Love what you've done with the place :)

  4. Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Lee Valley Tools all carry the tarp zippers if you want to shop in person.

  5. Thanks s&n! Found them at Home Depot... $9.99 - even cheaper than I'd seen on the 'net.


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