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Its in our genes

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2008

HandyMan brought home this article to read to me yesterday. Correction: HandyMan turned off the music that was playing in the background, asked me to look away from the laptop I was typing on absentmindedly, and then read this to me.

The article explains a lot. Like when HandyMan says "this curtain is the same shade of green in the home office" and I say "No, that's a chartreuse, with faint stripes of yellow. Our office is a bright fern green". Or when I work on a project plan of our home renovation while I'm watching Design Inc., have 6 other Explorer windows open, and chat with my sister on the phone... all at the same time... and HandyMan looks at me incredulously and asks how I can work with so many distractions. Distractions? What distractions?? According to the article, "Women pay attention to as many as seven separate sensory inputs at the same time, whereas men can usually only concentrate on one"... wow, now that makes sense. Maybe that's why we women bloggers love posting "inspiration boards" (you can see some great wedding-related ones at Snippet & Ink)... they're an easy way to convey colours, textures, looks, feels all at once. Maybe they should be called "sensory boards" 'coz that's how we think.

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  1. I am guilty of this typical male behavior. When I am focused on something, nothing else matters. When the Queen asks me a question, it interrupts my thought and I have a tendency to get snippy. Not good!

  2. HandyMan does the same thing Corey. I've just learned to pepper him with questions after he's done what he's doing :)


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