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Kitchen Reno - Day 1

by - Friday, April 04, 2008

Just as I finally get settled into our new office space, another home project rears its ugly head. This one is so ugly, its a freakin' Medusa. Tomorrow is D-day... demolition day for our old, tired, small, dysfunctional kitchen. Seems pretty fast, no? That's how we roll... one project after another; HandyMan and I are not known for sitting still. The disposal bin is sitting in the driveway, ready and waiting for the kitchen cupboards, plaster walls, ceiling, and old flooring we'll be tearing up tomorrow. Hang onto your hats - its going to be a bumpy ride for the next three months.

Ok, maybe not so bumpy. We are luckier than most and have a usable temporary kitchen in our basement. As a matter of fact, the drawers are deeper and the cabinets are plentiful in the temp kitchen. Here's the temp - looks just as good (as bad?) as the main kitchen, don't you think? We've got a bit of overflow with the small appliances and have set up a secondary work station. And this being the basement... and the cupboards being a little scary (seriously, how often would you look in the empty cupboards in your basement?)...I needed to pretty them up a bit. Leftover dining room vinyl wallpaper does the trick.

So here's where we're at at the end of Day 1: temp kitchen set up, main kitchen bare, HandyMan and Wanderluster just a little bit scared about what they're gonna find in the sagging floor :o\

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  1. I love that wallpaper, in the drawers, on the walls, anywhere is good

  2. How lucky! The drawer liners look great.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Did you demo the old kitchen cabinets? Its hard to tell from the sideways picture but the existing ones that were there looked really nice.. was that just an optical illusion??

    Good luck with the kitchen reno.. they are long but so rewarding! Bonus that you have an extra kitchen and don't need to gain an xtra 10lbs from eating pizza every meal like I did :)

  4. We did demo the kitchen cabinets. Tried to donate them to the ReStore but they were too old. Although they looked good, they really weren't very functional...barely deeper than a cookie sheet.

    Yes - so glad we have that extra kitchen - and that bbq season is just around the corner :)


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