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Dining Room Curtains

by - Friday, April 04, 2008

I promised pics of the dining room. Finally, curtains have been chosen - a nice Wheat-coloured silk that will blend into the wall. Here's the finished room....aahhhh...and 5 minutes later HandyMan and I moved out the dining chairs, covered the table, wrapped the light in plastic, and took down the curtains.

Kitchen demolition is beginning next door so we needed to seal up the dining room against all the dust bunnies that will soon appear!

Why does it feel like all I do is pack and unpack each room of my house??

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  1. Looking good and I love the lighting fixtures & silk drapes.

  2. your dining room is gorgeous!

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Hooray for being brave with your decor - that really is a lovely paper!

    Cheers, Arren

  4. Anonymous2:17 AM

    This room is another treat. You are a very talented lady, with a great sense of style.

  5. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Love the wallpaper! Where did you get it? Do you have the name of it?

  6. Anon - the wallpaper is Tobago by Arte Wallpapers and we got it at Metro Wallcoverings in Toronto.

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I love it! The wallpaper is GREAT!! I hear ya on the packing and unpacking...every time I turn around I feel like I'm redoing something and having to box up what I just set up!


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