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Oeuf...the Egg

by - Thursday, April 10, 2008

I covet this. Not just because of its clean organic egg shape. Not because of the beauty of the delicate glass stand juxtaposed against the hard porcelain. Not because the materials used are sustainable, reusable, and recyclable. Not because this water filter doesn’t consume any electricity, using gravity instead to filter and revitalize tapwater. Not because it will help to eliminate the production and consumption of bottled water. Not because it will look lovely in my new white kitchen. But because it takes something so simple, so essential - water - and transforms it into a form of art. How exquisite.

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  1. If I had room in my tiny little appartment kitchen this would be awesome awesome awesome. Where did you find this? Are they expensive?

  2. ooo, that is a beauty! nice.

  3. It is pretty Jenn, but yeah, quite expensive... $500+!


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