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Our First House

by - Saturday, April 26, 2008

A few weeks before HandyMan and I became Mr. and Mrs. HandyMan, we built our first house together. Now this feat isn't amazing as it seems... when you consider the house was only about 3' long and 1.5' high.

HandyMan and I got married on a beautiful summer's day, 8 months ago today to be exact. I like to think our wedding was personal and reflective of us as a couple. We did a lot of 'DIY' touches but my absolute favourite was our "card house". I wanted something unique to hold the cards from our guests (I'm just not a satin poofy box kind-o-gal) and thought what better than a miniature house designed and crafted by me and my guy.

We started with the concept... modern, clean lines, with a 'drop slot' and removable lid. I also wanted glass (glass?!) and a staircase (yes, I guess I could be a demanding bridezilla!). Think Barbie's contemporary dream house :) HandyMan drew up the plan and over a few weekends, bass wood and plexiglass in hand, we built our first house in the model room at HandyMan's office. Here's a look...

Today, the house sits in our basement, filled with cards and menus and placecards and other wedding ephemera. We plan to display it in our new home; we just have to find the perfect spot for it. It is more than just a house after all - you could really say that it was the house that love built :)

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