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Episode 4: Handy Is As Handy Does

by - Monday, April 28, 2008

Much progress has been made in Casa Wanderluster though looking at the room, there doesn't seem to be much different. HandyMan proved once again just how handy he is...I think he surprised himself at how much he was able to accomplish on his own! Over the last two weekends, HandyMan has re-routed the cable and telephone lines, braced the pipes, fixed the sagging joist, built the new wall frame, AND drilled a new hole in the brick and moved the vent. His arms shook for the whole next day after that last task. Here's some pics of our progress. With the hard work done, we've got to finish up just a few last things on the To Do list before drywall next week.

Then... we sit... for two months. Unfortunately, that's how long the cabinets are going to take to come in. Measurements couldn't happen until the old kitchen was out and the new wall frame was in. Its all good though. We went to the showroom last weekend and I am in love with the cabinets. I didn't realize that we had a choice between their tandem drawer with MDF construction and metal hardware, or the all wood drawer with dovetail joints. We went all wood :) It will be worth the wait.

Okay, we won't really sit - we'll use the next two months to work on the deck and the front entry. I had a spurt of energy yesterday and went at the front door. I took off the storm door, stripped the frame down to the original casing, sanded everything and with HandyMan's help, put up some new wood strips to hide the old ugly frame. Here's some Before & Afters. I think it looks better already. I'm hoping to start the exterior painting while HandyMan finishes up in the kitchen. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. I feel your pain. We couldn't order our cabinets until the walls were up and it was a painful 4 months before they arrived. It didn't seem like a long time when I picked them out but it felt like forever during the waiting. Now its back to feeling like the time went by in a flash :)

    Are you going to keep us in suspense on your cabinet choice? Lets see!!

  2. Yes, hopefully our wait will pass by quickly. I'm looking forward to the drywall and at least getting a finished room back.

    We're going with simple white shakers mrs. limestone (a little similar to your beautiful kitchen!). You can see some of my mockups by clicking the blue "kitchen" link to the left.

  3. Hi wanderluster and thanks for popping over to my blog. You guys have done amazing things in a year with your place. And good job with your front really stands out now. Best of luck with the kitchen!


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