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Floral Homicide

by - Monday, May 05, 2008

I have a history of killing plants. Tulips, aloe, bamboo (yes, bamboo)... whatever it is, give it to me and I will find a way to make it shrivel up and die. I don't do this intentionally. I just have a problem with remembering to water plants or giving them enough sunlight or putting them in right-sized containers... basically, everything to do with ensuring the necessities of life for any sort of flora. Which is to say... I am very very afraid of my garden.

The previous owner was quite an avid gardener ('best garden in all of Leaside', so the neighbours tell us), so I have a beautiful garden filled with tulips, forsythia, a rose bush, lambs ear, Japanese Maple, a water feature, and all sorts of pretty things I don't know the names of. There is so much variation in my garden that it is a bit overwhelming. I can't take care of one thing... how am I supposed to take care of 50 different things :o\ So before I tend to my first victims - I mean flowers - I'll give you a look at the garden in its untouched state. All I've done is clear all the leaves from fall and remove any dead looking thingys. So far, so good...

But I do have one problem area... the little garden in the front is looking a little overgrown. Flowers are coming up, but they're accompanied by these very long grasses. Are these grasses supposed to be there? Should I trim them? Do I need to do anything, or leave them alone?? If you know, please give this girl a clue :)

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