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by - Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I read blogs. Lots of them. The ones I find myself visiting time and time again are the ones with a clear voice. They're the ones that make you think you know the writer, that you could spot that person if you heard their laughter above the din of a noisy cafe. Where a profile pic, a captivating writing style, and the daily glimpses of this blogger's life make you think "I know you. I could be friends with you."

Its the same with houses. I love looking at a house and getting a sense of the owner, just by seeing the colour of paint they put on their walls, the chairs they sit on, the books on their shelves, and the art they display.

These are my photographs soon to be hung in the home office. These are things I love. This is me.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I well...I think maybe I'm addicted to surfing for blogs. My name is Kristin and I'm a "blogaholic"...With that out, I want to say that the good ones are saved and visited often because those writers captivate me with the exact thing you said; that you feel like you could know this person, and they would be fun to talk to. - btw. keep writing I enjoy your blog

  2. Those are wonderful photos. And your home office turned out gorgeous. I love reading blogs, too. In fact, I'm reading yours when I should be doing my taxes!

  3. Now I'll have to check out your blog why s! If I could only find time to actually hang the photos, lol...


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