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Design Sleuthing

by - Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Okay, I love love love Canadian House & Home magazine - but I hate their website! It's confusing; it's hard to find useful articles; and generally, the layout is not user friendly at all. I've often wondered how such a superb publication can translate so poorly onto the web.

Well, it turns out that things aren't as bad as I thought... they're just ridiculously misplaced. I recently signed up for the House & Home newsletter and found a teeny tiny link to the House & Home photo galleries. Finally! Here is all the inspirational content I was looking for. A click through the galleries will show you some great images like these:

Which begs the question, why would you "hide" your photo galleries?? Heck, even using the Search function on the website won't bring up the links. I think I'll have to write the Editor on this one.

P.S. For the kitchen obsessed, click here to see the super-secret Kitchen galleries ;o)

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