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by - Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HandyMan and I made up some business cards in preparation for our upcoming event. Have you heard of Moo cards? I think they're the cutest things. You can upload your own pics or use some of their stock designs like I did with this batch. The pics or designs go on the front and six lines of text go on the back.

There's so many things you can do with your Moos. We even used some as favour tags for our wedding. If I was an interior designer, I'd put different pics of rooms I'd done on them. Some Moos are so coveted they get traded... like baseball cards... but without the stick of bubblegum ;)

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  1. I love stuff like this. Somehow I had managed to not hear about them before. Thanks for filling me in! -Julia

  2. Peachy Keen4:56 AM

    I love Moo cards - or the concept of them anyway! Boo that they don't ship to Australia!

  3. Hi.
    I just wanted Peachy Keen to know that MOO ships everywhere and it is the same pricing around the world. As you may guess, I work at MOO :)

    BTW, I love the wedding favours.


  4. Cool lisa! Thanks for the tip :)


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