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Episode 6: Keeping It Level

by - Sunday, May 18, 2008

We've had a slow start on the flooring. I blame it on Mother Nature... the sun was shining and HandyMan and I were content to run some errands, do some gardening, enjoy some bbq, and mow the lawn. That meant though that we didn't get as much progress on the floor as hoped.

We picked up the tiles from Saltillo. Love that store (and so does Sarah; she almost always uses them for every episode). Love HandyMan's architect discount. Love RONA too. They were having a 15% off sale so we got a deal on the thinset. Not loving the dips in the subfloor. Turns out that the kitchen floor slopes near the threshhold to the dining room. If we left that as is, eventually any tile laid over top would crack. So we had to fix it with some levelling cement... notice I didn't say "self-levelling". Nooo, HandyMan and I figured we were handy enough to level it ourslves and save the $20 bucks. Were we successful? Ask me tomorrow when the cement dries :o\

We managed to figure out the floor pattern though. Initial thoughts were lay it in a 1/3 offset but that just ended up looking weird. We settled on 1/2 offset. Sounds easy right? But then we spent a good hour figuring where to start - center it on the dining room door? Hallway door? Middle of the room? Centered between the cabinets? Yes, that's how we'll do it. Here's a peek.

Tomorrow, two layers of thinset, the Ditra, and the tiles are going down. Wish us luck.

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  1. Its looking great. Can't wait to see the finished after photos.

  2. Looking good!

    I also used the running pattern, but chose to put the 'run' in the long direction of the house. Will be interested to see how it looks run across the space.

  3. Now that you have prolly laid them down...I would be sooo scared to lay my own tile. May good luck be on your side, along with a level floor, and a close eye./Please share more as the project unfolds!

  4. The run of the tile pattern was a happy accident Corey... we hadn't really thought about which direction to put the tile, but I think this pattern helps widen the look of our narrow kitchen - plus, we avoid having a potentially unstraight seam running from the front of the kitchen to the back ;)

  5. Hi There,
    I like your tile work! Thank you for your suggestions - we went to CIOT on Saturday and really liked the faux slate tiles (really porcelain but look like slate). From there we went to Ginger's (though I found it really expensive) and then hit Lowe's. We're going to have to check out Home Depot and Rona for vanities.

    I also like your label cloud and was trying to figure out how you did it? Did you use HTML? I'm new to blogging and just started a few weeks ago... Thanks for all your advice!

  6. Alyssa - thanks for dropping by! If you email me your address, I can send you the label cloud code (

    You should also check out Olympia Tile (closed on Saturdays) and Saltillo which are in the same area. They are my fave tile places and cheaper than CIOT :)


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