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Wedding Week Continued - The Grand Finale

by - Saturday, August 30, 2008

So now you've seen all the elements we put into the wedding... but how did it all turn out? Stupendously, amazingly, touchingly, magically...perfect. And because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let them do the talking and give you a glimpse of our day.

The Ceremony

Act II: Cocktails & Photos

Act III: The Reception

And there you have it... the first chapter of the story of Wanderluster and HandyMan. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.

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  1. again absolutely adorable

  2. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Lovely photos - thanks for sharing. I especially like the one of you by the fence.


  3. Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful day - lovely pics.

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love every detail you turned to and you are such a gorgeous bride! Makes me want to "do over" our wedding =)

  5. Thanks everyone! Ok, that's it...I promise no more wedding talk :)

  6. I loved seeing all of your wedding photos and hearing about it. Talk all you want! Looks like it was amazing. -Julia :-)

  7. Anonymous1:01 AM

    I was surfing to find design blogs to inspire my 15 yr old son to renovate his bedroom (with my help of course) when i somehow stumbled onto your blog. After a while i Suddenly recognized your HandyMan! We went to Architecture school together! I remember that he was such a nice person and a good friend to have and i congratulate you both. Your wedding post was very pretty and it reminded me of my own 18yrs!! ago; the reception was at the ROM on a friday evening when we had the whole building to ourselves. School was gruelling then and yet HandyMan was always cool as a cucumber. A nice recollection i have amidst our crazy and sometimes tumultuous architecture years was when i gave him a "DIY" coupon for Reese's peanut butter cups which he was able to redeem at the variety store at the front of the school. Wonder if he remembers it?!
    Great posts. keep up the good work. emelie

  8. handyman10:45 AM

    Hi Emelie,

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and the kind words but I must apologize that the name doesn't ring a bell. Although I do have a recollection of loving Reese's cups along the way. Curiosity is killing me - any additional info to refresh my memory?


  9. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Hi HandyMan,
    Do you remember Marianna, Josee, Misa, Sarah, Agnes and then there's me, small short Filipino me. The peanut butter cups stick out among my synapses because i too did and still do love them. I think we all decided on a "kris kringle" gift exchange one year, probably in first year, and we had this ridiculous $cap, i mean, i couldn't even buy a steadtler eraser for the stipulated amount! and was proud of the reese's idea.
    I took a year off and lagged behind but i think you and i were in fourth year together again?? Nothing about me that i can remember stood out that i can say you would remember.Sketchy memories though and i'm sure this isn't helping.
    E. Vea


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