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by - Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wish I could post about progress on the kitchen, but I can’t. We tried to get a plumber in to remove the rad but he was a no show. And none of the others we’ve called have bothered to call us back… anyone have a good plumber in Toronto?

Anyhoo, without the rad moved, the appliances can’t come in. And so the granite guy can’t come back to measure for the piece behind the stove. And the installer can’t install the microwave. And we can’t put up the backsplash which sits flush to the microwave and stove. And cabinet guy can’t come back to install the valences which sit on the backsplash. Which means cabinet guy won’t install my handles yet either. It’s a vicious renovation circle, I tell you.

So since I’ve got nothing to show, take a gander at these other bloggers who have some lovely rooms of their own. I’ll just sit here by the phone and wait for the plumber to call :o\

Jeremy and Kathleen’s kitchen
Hooked on House’s living room
Just Beachy’s staircase
This Young House’s sunroom

No.462's living room
House Obsesssion's kitchen
Becoming Mom's nursery
Mrs. Limestone’s guest bedroom

Making It Lovely's patio
Door Sixteen's bathroom

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  1. We had really good luck with Express Rooter Plumbing in Toronto.

  2. Ohhh these are lovely inspirations! Thanks for sharing.
    (Sorry about your rad delay =(

  3. Oh no. I can't even imagine how frustrating that must be.

  4. Thanks pip! I'll check them out.

  5. FC, J&K... very frustrating :( :(

  6. We had a similar situation when we were searching for someone to build a screened porch for us. No one would return our calls. Does everyone have too much work out there? Crazy. Hope you find someone soon!

    So nice of you to mention my living room. I've got to go check out all the rest of these blogs you listed now. I could always use some fresh inspiration. Thanks! -Julia :-)

  7. We are going through a similar thing with electricians here. As if they don't want the work. ha. Maybe try to call your BILD to see if they have a plumber in your area? or if the one you called is a member sometimes they have a little pull to help ya out. :)

  8. Sorry to hear that!

    It's really odd. Times are supposed to be tough, but first I couldn't even get a roofer to deliver a bid to me. They might or might not show up to look at it, but it took like 15 attempts to get ONE appropriate bid. I only managed to get 4 bids total, out of the whole deal and two of them were shingles only and one of those two was a racist (ick!) who wouldn't do the box gutter.

    Painters were easy to find and get bids from, but drywallers (credible drywallers, anyway), have been hard to even get to give me a bid.

    I guess times are tough, but not everywhere and not for everyone where they are.

    Good luck getting a good reliable plumber!


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