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Lift Off!

After waiting for plumbers to call back, waiting for plumbers to show up, and finding plumbers that weren't available for weeks on end, we - okay, HandyMan - took matters into his own hands... and removed the offending radiator! And it was surprisingly easy. He got some tips over the phone from a helpful plumber and drained the system and moved the rad in all of 30 minutes. If we knew it was going to be that easy, we would have done it ourselves weeks ago. No matter, at least its out and we saved $300-$1200 in the process (yes, those were the quotes we got!).

Appliances are being moved in tomorrow. Just a little late (did you happen to spot the old fridge in our dining room in the Globe and Mail photo? No? Good :) ) After that, another two weeks for us to do the backsplash and get the valance and handles in and hopefully, I will be left with something that feels as fresh and lovely as this:

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