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House Stalkers R Us

by - Tuesday, September 23, 2008

House-stalking is one my and DH’s favourite pastimes. It can be as innocent as walking down the street at dusk, peeking into neighbour’s houses as the fading sunlight helps make our overt voyeurism less obvious, just as they turn on their indoor lights, helping us to see all the beautiful things they have in their homes. Or it can be quickly taking a tour of a house under construction, bypassing a temporary fence to see the newly poured foundation or framing going up. Or it can go to the extreme of parking our car down the street so as not to attract attention, creeping past the For Sale sign, feeling your beautiful fencework by hand (because we can’t quite see it in the dark), having HandyMan boost me up so I can see the upstairs hallway, and standing in the front bushes in order to get a better look at how you placed your living room furniture and see what kind of chandelier you’ve chosen. Not that I’m saying that’s what we did the other night at Sarah’s house. Nuh-uh. If your nice neighbour-lady with the Scottish Terrier says that she saw two shadowy figures standing by your front window… it wasn’t us ;)

I always tend to be the one peeking over my shoulder when we undertake one of these real estate rendezvous. HandyMan is a lot more oblivious to the “no trespassing” signs. I wonder if it’s a ‘male’ thing because I’ve met quite a few guys who just like HandyMan are excited by the site of an under-construction or abandoned building. I should trust him though because sometimes we get to see some really cool stuff. My fear of being caught though often stops me in my tracks. How about you folks… any crazy sneaking-into-a-house stories to share?

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